RSC 2012 season for the World Shakespeare Festival

Pericles, The Comedy of Errors, The Tempest and Twelfth Night are to be staged by the RSC during 2012 under the banner “What country, friends, is this?” as part of the World Shakespeare Festival.

The season title was announced last year, but nothing was said about the actual productions involved apart from a cryptic statement that they would form “a cycle of plays where Shakespeare shipwrecks his protagonists on hostile shores and brave new worlds.”

With the full programme launch for the World Shakespeare Festival not due until September, it seemed we would have to wait until then to get any details.

However, tucked away at the bottom of the 21 June press release about the London 2012 Festival – the finale to the Cultural Olympiad of which the World Shakespeare Festival is a part – lurks a list of four plays under the season title:

What country, friends, is this?: Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon and London:
o    Pericles
o    The Comedy of Errors
o    The Tempest
o    Twelfth Night

This appears to be LOCOG getting ahead of the RSC’s publicity machine, releasing their 2012 season line-up before any official RSC press release on the subject.

Update 6 September 2011: went live today with full details, confirming the “What Country, Friends, Is This” line-up.

Jonathan Slinger will be taking on the roles of Malvolio and Prospero in these productions.

Link to the full festival brochure.


One thought on “RSC 2012 season for the World Shakespeare Festival

  1. Interesting line-up (all the more satisfying for having been leaked…); Comedy of Errors and 12th Night are obvious bedfellows, and The Tempest gives a nice edge to the combination, but the addition of Pericles is inspired. Looking forward to it muchly.

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